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January 22, 2012: A Much Better Training Week and Other Highlights

First off, here's to GMAA's Jim Paige running at Cornell last week for the 45th running of the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile.  One of our new 50's speed guys, Jim ran an incredible 4:52:59  for the mile taking 6th overall in the Men's 50's Elite.  Congrats Jim!!  Even more incredible was Nolan Shaheed, who at 62 years young ran a 4:50:96 to break his own world record.

Shaheed just ahead of GMAA's Jim Paige
Nolan Shaheed chops 6 seconds off own world indoor mile record as reported by
Nolan Shaheed, 62, crushed his own world indoor record in the mile Saturday, clocking 4:50.96 to beat his listed M60 mark of 4:57.06. Nolan was the only record-setter at the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Miles in Ithaca, New York. W40 Sonja Friend-Uhl beat W45 Alisa Harvey, and Charlie Kern defended 2011 his title. Tom Hartshorne sends these results and highlights: “Two near records with Sonja missing by a second the W40s world and Alisa also by little over a second her own W45 world record. David Cannon going after the M55 world record (owned by Nolan) had leg muscle cramp issue several laps into the race somewhat related to his racing spikes and dropped out in order not to tear anything. Nolan as they say in sandlot, blew the cover off the ball! knocking 6+ seconds off his amazing indoor mark of two years ago here and in the process undercutting the world outdoor mark by about three seconds as well. And as they say in our circles, Nolan is the real deal!” Age-graded, Nolan’s mile is worth an open mark of 3:49.9.


After dealing with the previous weeks challenges of breathing difficulties and wiping out on the ice, this past week was more "normal" for me.  Although the running conditions have to a certain extent deteriorated more, being better equipped with screw shoes and turning on the headlamp has improved the outcome.

Monday:  I started the week with a "slow" Aliza run on the Burlington Rec Path.  A warm day in the low 30's but with a little wind.  The rec path was in fine overall shape with limited ice.

Tuesday:  I decided to venture out on the trails at the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Preserve.  Most of the snow was gone but what remained was the snow packed trail which was now deadly glare ice.  After about 5 minutes of hoping it would get better, I bailed and returned to the roads.  I've been getting really bored of this road running so I decided to make it a hill day running up to Guinea Rd which is all up hill for 2 1/2 miles.  Foul weather returned later on and XC skiing at the Range was cancelled.

Wednesday:  Tried some other dirt roads only to find a combination of mud and ice.

Thursday:  Did some hill work for my mid day run and then to the Range to XC ski.  With lack of snow and nothing for the skis to grip on, it was a skate ski day.  I arrived early only to find every local high school XC team training there since some of the other local XC centers were closed.  I ventured off the main path for a short while only to find myself sliding out of control on old frozen tracks.  Not good, too scary even for me so I backtracked and hit the main trail.  This main trail was a challenge in itself. It had some patches of good snow but more ice than not and hoards of people.  I did a number of fast laps.  At one point I got elbowed by some adult and run off the trail as he cut right in front of my skis.  What the heck!  Done, I had enough.  Meanwhile more buses were rolling in with high school kids.  As I was leaving, the highlight was watching the CVU XC girls as they were first starting out coming off the upper bridge doing an out of control power plow as they were screaming.  After skiing it was off to Burlington for the Thursday Night Fun Run at the Skirack.

Brooks Night at the Skirack
Tonight was a demo night for Brooks Shoes and Tina brought up some shoes and vests for us to try out.  We did the Urban Route all over town.  A little ice here and there but overall a good night run.  Only one casualty, it was Sherry's night to fall.  Afterwards it was cocktails and food at the VT Pub & Brewery.

Friday:  After some snow Thursday night it was back to running in mud, slush and ice.  No trails today.

Saturday:  I woke up in kind of a funk so grabbed my Gregory pack to adequately prepare myself with some GU Brew and some GU gels, brought my "smart" phone which has a GPS program for running and tunes.  I never run with music but had no plan for today, just run wherever so I thought I would experiment with music.  Outside I found the satellites for the GPS, dialed in my play list and off and running towards Hinesburg.  Once on the dirt roads it was the same old combination of mud and ice.  In the sun was mud, shade was ice.  One thing I noticed right off, with music on you can't hear cars behind you so you can't run in the middle of the road.  Some of my route contained class 4 unmaintained roads which luckily were all very passable.  On route towards Monkton, I went by the usual house which sometimes has a very unfriendly German Shepherd.  Sometimes I pick up a stick or a rock before going by but it seemed all quiet on the home front.  No action, great.  About a minute later I realized another downfall of headphones, you can't hear dogs sneaking up on you.  All of a sudden I heard loud barking just about on my heels.  I turned around to see not one but two huge German Shepherd's about to have me for breakfast.
Not so friendly (likeness only)
They frightened me so much that my initial reaction was to scream.  I screamed so loud that they stopped in their tracks wondering what to do.  They stood there in the middle of the road looking hungry and I started yelling some more.  It worked.  I think I scared them as much as they scared me.  At times like this I wish I had a heart-rate monitor to see how high my heart-rate was.  Things were going good for the rest of the way but it was getting warm when the wind was at your back with temps in the 30's.  Glad I had fluids with me.... but not enough.  By mile 23 I was out of fluid and feeling thirsty.  I had about 3 more miles until I could get home for a refill which was fine.  I could handle that.  At mile 26 I was home to replenish.  I ate a banana and drank a bit of coke and figured I would just do an out an easy out and back to make it a 30 mile day. When I took off my pack to check the GPS function, I discovered the "smart" phone was not very "smart".  In fact it never recorded any of the run.  So I left the pack at home for the out and back.  I ran the 2 miles out and coming back was starting to drag.  I was tired and getting a bit dizzy.  I could breathe just fine, these were just my typical signs of bonking.  Soon I was home and jumped on my scale to see why I was bonking.  With my new eating plan I've not been eating enough calories and this was exactly the reason for today's bonking.  I was at high school wrestling weight.  Not good.  After some eating and drinking I was fine.  The night ended at Joe and Kathleen's.  They just arrived back home after a vacation in Aruba and Joe had brought back something for me.  I was a special shot glass from Aruba.  Joe had gotten one for himself and one for me.  So of course we had to break them in.  A fine end to the day :)

Sunday:  To end the week, I headed up in the morning to run with the GMAA group from Sports and Fitness Edge.  With the bike path mostly clear we headed in that direction.  Overnight there was some more snow with turned to ice so there were many sections of black ice to be found.  I ran an out and back with Bob Corey for about 10 miles.  It was fun chatting with Bob.  After we returned I grabbed my fanny pack with GU Brew and some GU gels to go run another 12 miles on the SB Rec Path.  This was a much nicer route with rolling hills and it was covered with light, grippy snow which made for a more enjoyable run.  Once I arrived back at Sports and Fitness Edge it was sauna time and a hot shower to end the morning activities.

This was definitely a much better week for training than the previous week.  I managed to get in 100+ miles without too much difficulty and a little bit of skiing.  The temps overall have been pleasant to run in... if we can only eliminate the ice :)

THE VEGGIE DIET:  I'm still working on figuring out the best way to fuel my body with this meatless lifestyle.  Overall it's been going well and I'm coming up with new meals all the time and discovering other meatless options. I made an awesome fake chicken parmigiana dinner one night and experimented with some homemade bread along with vegetarian chilly with fake ground meat that tasted like the real deal.  I just need to remember to eat more substantial calories during the week if I expect to be running for 3 hours or more.  It does make a difference.

This fake chicken parmigiana was excellent!
Homemade wheat/maple bread

Race Schedule for 2012:

Now that we're into 2012 I've been looking at some possible races for this year.  Still undecided and will have to wait for sign up dates and lotteries.  But here are some up and coming possible races to consider:

Feb. 25, 2012;  FebApple 50 Mile in New Jersey
March 4, 2012;  USATF 50K Nationals in NY
March 18, 2012;  New Bedford Half Marathon (GMAA team race)
April 9, 2012;  Northern Nipmuck (16 miler)
April 14, 2012;  Traprock 50K (CT)
May 12, 2012;  MMT 100 (VA)  (Made this lottery)
May 27, 2012;  Key Bank Vermont City Marathon (Pace Team Leader)
June 2, 2012;  Nipmuck 50k (new this year)
June 16, 2012;  Mt. Washington Road Race, NH
June 30, 2012;  Finger Lakes 50
July 21, 2012;  Tahoe Rim 100 (currently on wait list)
July 28, 2012;  Burning River 100
August 18, 2012;  Waldo 100K, Oregon
September 30, 2012;  VT 50
September 30, 2012:  Spartathlon, Greece
November 3, 2012;  Pinhotti 100, Alabama
December 8, 2012;  USATF XC Club Nationals, KY

PACERS WANTED:  If anyone is interested in being a pacer for the Key Bank Vermont City Marathon on May 27th, let me know.   I'm the coordinator for the team and have a few more slots to fill.

Happy Running !

"The five S's of sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit;

but the greatest of these is Spirit".

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