Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Leadville 100 Race Week - Day 5

Mike, Gerry & Charlie

Day 5, August 18, 2010

Another blue bird day today.  Joe and Mike were busy doing work this morning as I slept late.  Then it was time for the usual breakfast with waffles, pastries, cereal, etc.  We headed out to meet Charlie and Gerry this morning on the Hagerman Rd. and planned on running from May Queen to Hagerman Rd. on the Colorado Trail.  Joe, Mike and I planned on running back to May Queen too.  We dropped a car off on Hagerman Rd., and then off to May Queen.  There was a slight uphill on the road to the Colorado Trail then it turned into very nice single track.  The trail was soft and dry with a slight uphill for most of it, then a steeper climb to Hagerman Rd.  The lungs felt great today and no problems on the uphill climb.  Once we got to Hagerman Rd. I continued up to where Sugarloaf Mtn. dumps out, a gradual uphill for another mile.  The return trip was even nicer with a gentle downhill  back to the May Queen aid station.

Jack & Joe at May Queen

After the run, we drove parts of the course from Fish Hatchery to Half Moon to Twin Lakes and then the 12 mile dirt road to Winfield. Along the way at Twin Lakes we ran into one of the lama crew, Vickie, with her 4 female lamas. Corky took a quick liking to me so we have a date to meet on Saturday up at Hope Pass.

Jack & Corky at Twin Lakes

Another great day in CO.

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