Friday, August 20, 2010

Leadville 100 Race Week - Day 7

Day 7, August 20, 2010
Yes, it's finally here.  The race starts tomorrow at 4:00 AM.  Woke up this morning to see snow over Hope Pass.  Got out for a easy 5 miler this morning on the Mineral Trail, an interpretive trail about the mining operations in this area.  Then it was time for the medical check and weigh in.  The weigh in always scares me as I usually lose a lot of weight in the first half of these races and am close to the limit.  No breakfast until after the weigh in but in the end, there were no surprises.  Weight was where I figured it would be.  Tomorrow I just need to remember to be smart about hydration and electrolyte replacement which for me is most important in whether I have a good race....or not.  In any event, I will make sure I enjoy myself during the race and have fun with it no matter what.  The views will be too spectacular to ignore and I'm sure all the volunteers will be wonderful.  We also dropped off our drop bags this afternoon as we have a limited crew.  Julia Lewis arrived today to help out.  She will be group crewing for us as much as possible and then pacing for Mike later on.  Organizing drop bags is always a challenge and trying to calculate where you might be to estimate fluids, electrolytes, clothing, headlamps, etc.

Loading up the drop bags

Dropping off the drop bags

After we dropped off the bags Joe took us on a little baha driving to get to the famous Leadville sign so to get pics.

We Love Leadville

Then it was time for the real pre-race pasta dinne and then early to bed tonight as we will be up at 2:30 am on Sat.

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