Monday, December 3, 2012

The Second Annual Burlington VT Santa 5K


Hanging out with the SBHS XC Rebel Girls!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The second annual Santa 5K in Burlington, VT is in the books with a record number of Santa runners.  This is now I believe the second largest running event in the state of VT, only behind the Key Bank Vermont City Marathon.  Amazing!  The rainy forecast luckily didn't happen and warm but windy temps made for a great run.  Nearly 2000 Santa runners lined Church Street for the start.

Nearly 2000 Santas on Church Street
Even with the record number of runners the start went off smoothly.  It was a little slow going until we spread out a bit and then it was onto Main Street.  Down hill we went picking up momentum when suddenly a crazed Elf came darting out into the runners.  It was Buddy The Elf.

He was yelling" Santa, I know you" and sounded just like Will Ferrell.  It was hard not to laugh even as he cut off the runners.  Shortly thereafter a few other bad elves joined in for the run.  We came around the bottom of Main Street and as we turned onto Battery Street at full speed I was trying to pass some runner with a dog on a leash.  Not good, the dog cut me off and I had to jump on the curb to prevent a disaster.  Then it was the long haul up Battery.  The wind was at our back but still seemed to be swirling around.  I was better prepared with my Santa suit this year and had pinned up the pants so they wouldn't fall off but I forgot to tighten up the top.  As we hit So. Willard, the wind was howling in our faces and the top was like a parachute catching the wind.  I kept trying to tuck it in but it wasn't working.  Luckily it wasn't far to go until we ran down Howard to So. Union with the wind at our back again.

Overall just a fun race, times were slow but running in a Santa suit on a windy day makes it a challenge to run fast.  And it was a great day to see friends to kickoff the Holidays!

Full results can be found here:  5K Results

And click here for the BFP Video


My week leading up to the Santa 5K had been sort of crazy. I'm trying to look at it as a glass half full instead of half empty. I was in some kind of funk all week, maybe something to do with the moon??  The week started with the Monday noon time run at Redrocks in Burlington.  Awesome day and ran multiple perimeter loops.  Tuesday it was bikram yoga with a run before and after and I didn't bonk in class which is always a good thing!  I was in town for the Thursday night run group a bit early for some extra miles.  I started off in shorts which was fine until I arrived on the south end of Burlington and as soon as I headed north, the winds kicked in along with the pelting snow.  Legs were fine but the eyes were sore.  I changed up to some warmer clothes and then ran more with the group which was fun especially running along Church Street with snow and the Christmas lights.

Church Street

But then while going to the after run festivities at the VT Pub and Brewery, I got hit by a car while crossing Main Street.  It was sort of freaky.  I had the green light to walk and didn't even think of it as I went across.  Next thing I knew I was being spun around and had my elbow smashed.  I stood in the middle of the road trying to figure out what just happened.   Some Jeep was stopped in front of me, apparently a bit shocked as well as he attempted a left turn and never saw  me.  What the heck!!  I went up to the driver. He was complaining about not being able to see with the snow on his windshield and some bed on his roof??  I think he was more freaked out than me.  I told him I was fine and to have a good night.  I was ok, just bruised.   More shocked than anything. The way I look at it, it's all about fate.  When people are concerned about some of my adventures whether it be jumping out of planes or running through lightning storms or solo adventures who knows where, I usually refer to the fate thing.  When your number comes up at the deli, it's your time, until then enjoy life to it's fullest!  So I guess it's good I did't get squished. One second faster on that street crossing and I could have been a hood ornament, but I wasn't.  I guess my number hasn't been called yet :)
Friday night I had a great run in the fresh snow in the Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge.  On the way back along Greenbush Road I saw an unfamiliar hound crossing the street.  I hesitated at first but saw this canine heading into some trees on the other side of the road.  Usually the only dog on this section is a German Shepard chained up but this dog had a square head.  I could see his legs under the trees and quietly advanced along Greenbush Road hoping he didn't see me.  As soon as I was even with him, I could see him preparing for he kill.  Do I retreat or do the mad sprint was going through my mind.  I kept moving forward.  I saw him come around from the trees and work me into his plan.  He came out of the trees from behind me, a big Rottweiler  and I could hear his nails digging into the road on hot pursuit.  Speed work!!  Let's go!!

I put it into high gear and so did he.  I could hear his nails digging into the pavement and increasing in speed as I was.  I was eyeing for protection and saw some driveway markers I might be able to pull out of the frozen ground, that was option one.  Then I ran by a neighbor and was thinking I could use him as a block but screamed to him, "Do you know this dog"?  Apparently he did and he started to yell for the dog.  I could still hear those nails digging in and not letting up as I sprinted at max speed.  He yelled again and finally the dog slowed.  I yelled thank you as I kept moving forward.  So I guess it was all good as I didn't get bit. Never a dull moment on my runs :)

Saturday I began my seasonal Elf duties at Dakin and am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with Elf time and training for the next few weeks.  But I'll get'r done somehow as usual.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. 
To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.” 

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